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source 如果告诉你,帮你理发的发型师他们的也是音乐DJ,或者是个画家,千万不要大惊小怪。这些热爱艺术的人们从四面八方汇聚到一起,为音乐、艺术和社会责任交流为目标而奋。CONTESTAROCKHAIR这个创立于意大利的艺术品牌,从美发沙龙试着试着,就在全世界各地开了11家美发沙龙了!


visit web page 知道 Contesta Rock Hair 纯属巧合,今年春天在巨鹿路上闲逛时,被欢快的歌声和围观群众吸引,以为是哪个乐队的街头表演,打听一番,原来是法国音乐节的表演项目在这家颇具特色的理发店演出。当机立断决定进去剪个头发!那一次让我记住了这个意式摇滚精神的复古美发沙龙。


click 再次拜访已是深秋,路边的梧桐开始叶落,当我走在巨鹿路上,突然听到 David Bowie迷幻的嗓音,转头看见来自意大利发型师Emanuele坐在店门口的长椅上跟着一起哼歌,很是自在!Contesta Rock Hair是个音乐的王国,店主在音响设备上花销不菲,所有播放的歌曲都是精挑细选,还有着专门制作音乐的DJ,难怪一直有客人问能不能卖歌呢!



这家美发沙龙,无法笼统用理发店的概念来诠释,一楼的前面用白色的砖块故意做旧,与银灰色地面搭配,在不大的空间里营造出强烈的对比;二楼则以黑白色为主调,几何状的地板又多了一丝现代艺术元素。店内经常有一些欧洲知名摄影师和珠宝设计师的作品展览。从印有欧洲著名艺术家头像的沙发抱枕到时墙面上代感十足的泛黄报纸,无不汇聚着店主对设计、艺术的独特见解。 please click for source


Contesta Rock Hair不仅营造了艺术的共享和无间交流的氛围,还赞助各种艺术展览,参加各类时尚Show,已经是每年F1上海嘉年华活动的固定赞助商Contesta Rock Hair以更多的社会责任来要求自己,在欧洲参与支持人类抗击艾滋病的活动,和帮助监狱中的女囚重新融入社会,在中国他们希望可以做的更多!



店主 Emanuele 是一名硬派意大利男人,曾经是意大利游泳队员的他拥有高挑的身材、和令亚洲人羡慕的立体的五官,说着意大利口音的英语,极具魅力。拥有时尚之都的独特敏感度、及多年旅居不同城市的经历,使Contesta Rock Hair剪发技艺别具一格,注重发丝之间的和谐,发型师和着摇滚音乐的起伏,轻快地为客人修剪着发型。尊重头发自然生长趋势的前提下,通过长短递进,塑造出不同的形状。 link


continue reading Emanuele 坚持发型师不应仅仅局限于剪头发的技师,更应该是艺术家。他说:为什么客人选择我们,就因为我们能准确的判断出每个人内都蕴藏着独特的美,并将它展示出来!随着Contesta Rock Hair上海的成长,所有的发型师依然都已经是个艺术家了!


Alessandro Santopaolo and Massimo Bianco chose to undertake a common business venture, confident in the fact that the union of their two different but complementary personalities would have an immense impact on the industry : with this desire to bring a new concept to the market they fused their creative talents and launched the brand ContestaRockHair ® source.


Thanks to their diligence and undeniable ability to inspire other generations, the two have been able to work with aspiring stylists, who have had the courage to put themselves in the game and bet on their own ability to breathe new life into a once outdated craft ; today the continual growth of each member has naturally made Contesta Rock Hair a very str uctured and defined business.


Without losing the spirit on which the brand was formed, they have been able to experiment with numero us artistic experiences and businesses in the fields of fashion and communication.


The two entrepreneurs along with their staff, have succeeded in expanding a brand that now counts eleven points of sale, of which ten are in Italy between Rome and Florence, one in Miami, one in Shanghai and new one in New York, this includes a store for clothing and accessories (STORE), and a box office which sells tickets for various concerts and theatre events (BOXOFFICE).


On February 2010, our salon in Shanghai has changed its location moving to the new district  of Jin’An,  in a redeveloped area with boutiques and alternative shops Here we created the Contesta RockHair salon placed in a  two-floor store,building a team of young stylist, with intense  courses of hair-cut, coloration,  management language etc  to deal with the international market successfully.


The constant education of our staff guarantees the integration of this particular technique. A technique that once mastered is easy to teach to future generations, along with our distinct colouring technique, and our pattern of style as it relates to taste and suitable shape. We have made our format exportable thanks to instructors that guarantee the same artistic and technical level in all of our salons, in Italy and abroad.

ContestaRockHair ®


—— 别怪我没告诉你

● 大胡子意大利大叔很擅长中国客人

● 接受服务的同时还可以提升英文口语哦;

● 这里有你寻觅很久的男士修胡.


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